Upcoming Classes for 2023/24

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December 2 2023
Saturday 10:30AM - 3PM (w/ 30 min lunch break)

Improvising as a Clown and acheiving the flow state is one of the most joyous and satisfying experiences. However, we get stuck in our heads when Clown becomes too theoratical, especially if there is too much talking. This special 1 day workshop is focused on playing, getting reps improvising, and and letting your creativity flow. There will be minimal talking from the instructor and maximum improv reps for the student. You'll have the oppurtunity to fail over and over and over, so that you can develop your gut instincts and let your creativity flow without judgement. Be ready to move and majorly fuck around.

Thymele Arts - Kansas Room - 5481 Santa Monica Blvd Parking Info...

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January 15 - February 5 2024
Mondays 6:30PM - 9:30PM

The Bouffon plays with the naughty bits of society. Essential to our survival, Bouffon is the art of mockery and mischeif.In this workshop for clowns, comedians, actors, pranksters, and humans alike, we reshape ourselves into creatures both beautiful and grotesque at the same time. Using exercises in satire, persuasion, and audience participation, we created dynamic characters to annihilate social hierarchies, gender, and the prevalent culture. Register Here.

Thymele Arts - California Room - 5481 Santa Monica Blvd Parking Info...

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JULY 2024 at The Celebration Barn

Expand your range of movement and learn to embody your creative expression with exacting precision. Mime is essential for the modern theater creator’s toolbox, and in this class you’ll learn the techniques of Marcel Marceau, Etienne Decroux, Stefan Niedzialkovski, and the unique style of American Mime. With just your body, you’ll learn to create rich environments, nuanced characters, and tap into limitless worlds of play for storytelling and improvisation. Through a disciplined and playful approach that includes floor and barre work, and performance exercises, you’ll build skills to develop and perform innovative new works of theater and to move with joy and confidence. In this workshop you will use the writing structures and visual poetry of mime to create original compositions to find your own artistic voice.

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MIME ONLINE (w/ wine)

Last Wednesday of every month 6PM PST

Mime Online has seen hundreds students from all over the world. Join us for this monthly online Mime class. This class is for all levels including beginners to advanced. We'll go over the basics in the poetic art of Mime including isolations, movement, and composition. This class in also paired with a wine. Be prepared to move. This class is offered on a sliding scale.

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